Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve created this little corner of the internet as a means of collecting all the bits and pieces that bring me happiness, inspiration and enthusiasm. Primarily, I hope to use it as a way to document all the trials and tribulations of changing my everyday style from modern ‘meh’ into fabulous Fifties and beyond.

Vintage collecting is nothing new to me; my Mumsie deals in antiques and I’ve grown up with a house full of weird and wonderful things. I went on to train as a museum conservator and I still dedicate my time to finding a repairing true antique and vintage pieces.

I love arts, crafts and baking so there will be a lot of that as well. I recently married the love of my life so whether he likes it or not his handsome mug will appear within these scruffy pages.

Thanks so much for reading, please comment and share your own vintage stories!

You can also contact me at laurajfox27@gmail.com or @the_fondant_fancy on Instagram.